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Analyzing Data




Truth Unlocked provide a range of training options to companies, Directors and Managers and individuals. We recommend our Foundation Course, which provides a 4 hour introductory training session on how to detect deception and other useful skills within business such as determining whether someone is committed to what they are saying and what they are potentially doing for you.

More in depth training and bespoke training is available too, ranging through to study-at-home courses with 12 month support for intermediate and advanced levels of knowledge.


Company Earnings Analysis 

Truth Unlocked provide linguistic analysis of Earnings Calls and Earnings Statements, helping investment companies and their research departments and analysts. Our analysis looks at the statements to determine whether there is commitment to the assertions by the company eg. suggested performance, product delivery, supply chain and/or workforce issues and so on. The analysis will identify areas of potential concern or 'weakness', and provide potential areas to question and suggest what and how the questions should be. Until now, fund analysis has been limited to financial analysis - Truth Unlocked now provides a groundbreaking new layer of analysis to help make crucial decisions on key investments.

Humans Resources Case Support

Truth Unlocked provide case support to HR professionals in employment related issues such as alleged sexual assault or harrasment claims, theft and other workplace related issues. We will be able to help the company determine who is responsible and help guide HR professionals through these difficult cases.

Please call or email us at for further details.


Insurance Claim Analysis

Truth Unlocked can assist with any claims deemed to bear significant risk financially, determining what further questions may be needed and in which areas of sensitivity, and where responsibility may lie.

Please call or email us at for further details.


Criminal Case Analysis

Truth Unlocked are available to help from the very early stages of any case. We can help guide through from pre-interview, analysing initial interviews and identifying areas for further questions, and how such questions should be asked to elicit the most insightful answer.

Please call or email us at for further details.

Insolvency Case Analysis

Truth Unlocked can assist in insolvency cases, analysing the statements made to support the subject's case to move to insolvency. We also recommend training to assist insolvency practitioners to help support them in their work.

Please call or email us at for further details.


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