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Paul Maillardet


Paul is an experienced advanced practitioner in linguistic analysis - he trains a worldwide group of elite and advanced analysts on a monthly basis where both live and cold cases are worked on for law enforcement and cold case institutions.

My Story

Paul has worked on hundreds of cases not just in these areas but in financial crime, including the Woodford Investors, Blue Gate Capital and allegations of LIBOR lowballing amounting to hundreds of millions of pounds. 

Paul has also been actively involved in active and cold criminal murder cases. Paul is passionate about bringing linguistic analysis to the international and global stage, as it has been primarily used in US law enforcement for many years up to now. Through Truth Unlocked, Paul is opening-up this insightful and valuable analytical tool into the financial world and give financial analysts who adopt it a cutting edge, through providing training and in direct case analysis reports.


if you would like to discuss any matter with me 

please contact me.

Tel No: +447841 594668

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