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How We Can Help

Protect Your Business | Detect & Mitigate Against Deception & Fraud | Make Informed Decisions

Truth Unlocked employs forensic-level analysis of statements and interviews to help determine the truth for financial analysts, law enforcement, investigators, journalists, HR professionals and any profession seeking the truth. The pursuit of Truth is a fundamental part of human nature, as it is essential for us to make informed decisions against those who will seek to deceive us for their own financial and personal gain. False allegations and financial claims can have a devastating effect on a business and morale. 

Forensic level statement analysis is used in criminal investigations, and is now available to help determine truth in many other corporate and investigative arenas. Take guess-work out of your decision making, and use our analysis and support to mitigate against financial, reputational loss and damage.


About Linguistic Analysis

The linguistic techniques utilised by Truth Unlocked Ltd were, until recently, only used within the CIA and FBI, and then subsequently by US law enforcement in the investigation of criminal statements.


Former CIA and FBI experts in these techniques went on to utilise them within the corporate world, including looking at Earnings Calls to help financial analysts determine whether stocks should be invested in or divested from, and to look at companies and competitor reports to determine strengths, weaknesses and areas to explore and exploit.

The linguistic techniques are currently admissible in court as evidence in Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden. Like the lie detector, these techniques are currently not admissible as evidence in the UK, USA and other countries. However, just like the lie detector, the techniques are used to evaluate criminal statements in active investigations of murder, financial fraud, extortion and anonymous author threats, abductions and in any case where there is a verbal or written note or statement that can be analysed.


These techniques have been taught at the FBI for over 40 years and the methodologies are constantly evolving and being reinforced. This includes recent academically acclaimed work into the denials of serial sex offenders by Dr Darrel Turner, one of America’s most acclaimed forensic psychologists. Dr Turner has recently acted as an expert witness in the R Kelly child abuse trial. These techniques are also currently being used in some very high profile cases including the reinvestigation of the infamous BTK serial killer, reopened in 2023.


Truth Unlocked Ltd are pioneers in bringing this to the UK, actively promoting and demonstrating the power, value and significance of its use within commercial and legal markets

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"Every conversation with Paul is a masterclass in understanding what people really mean with the words they choose. For years I have consulted Paul in my work as journalist reporting on true crime. Paul's expertise has assisted me in preparing for interviews, and in analyzing statements from witnesses as well as suspects and persons of interest in the crimes I cover. Learning what is and what isn't a reliable denial has aided my work tremendously."
Barbara MacDonald, Co-host, Writer, Producer
Down the Hill Podcast. Investigative Producer.
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